About Jeff Louderback

Since I was a little boy re-enacting full nine inning Major League Baseball games in my backyard by myself with a wiffle ball and bat, I have stirred with endless creativity, a vivid imagination and an unquenchable desire to immerse myself in new, engaging experiences. This is undoubtedly why my career path led me into the communication field.

I am a writer, author and publicist for entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and publishers nationwide; a new media professional who is co-editor and co-host of Live, Laugh, Learn TV’s show and website; and freelances features writer for regional and national magazines

On the journalism side, I write personality profiles, business and entrepreneur stories, human interest features, baseball features and travel and lifestyle features for regional and national publications.

On the PR side, I create newsworthy story angles, craft journalistic-style press releases and bios; generate local, regional and national print, broadcast and online media coverage, maintain blog and social media content for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations.

I love telling people’s stories, whether it be as a journalist, a publicist or an author. After graduating from Xenia High School in 1986 and Wright State University with a degree in communication in 1990, I remained in the Dayton area until 2002, when I moved to Florida. There I remained until my roadmap to happiness inspired me to return to my native southwest Ohio in April 2015 to be near the family with whom I am close, and to embark upon new chapters, and the subsequent adventures and experiences.

I am also co-host and co-editor of Live, Laugh, Learn TV, an online show and publication embracing positive thinking, inspirational stories, effective communications and healthy relationships. Dr. Carol Morgan – who is a communication professor at Wright State University, a TV personality, author, life coach/motivational speaker and relationships expert, is the co-host, co-editor and brains behind the operation. I am regarded as the eye candy!

Remember I told you about my desire to immerse myself in new experiences? Well, I have long been a hopeless romantic who believes in true and unconditional love, so it is a natural that I am now licensed as a wedding officiant. I am part of the team at The Marriage Studio in Dayton, where we have filmed segments for Live, Laugh, Learn TV. I am excited about the latest chapter to my list of endeavors!

Before going into business for myself, I was a reporter and editor for newspapers and magazines and a PR director for a PR firm. I treasure the flexibility that working on my own allows.

Personally, I am a baseball fanatic. I play the game, closely follow the game and write about the game. I periodically write about the Red Sox and the Red Sox minor league system.

I was born and raised in Xenia, Ohio. I was blessed to be raised by loving parents (with whom I remain close to this day), amazing grandparents and a tight-knit group of aunts, uncles and cousins. I never felt like an only child because I was often surrounded by great friends in the neighborhood where I was raised and family members with whom I shared a bond.

Yes, after the tornado (which I detail below), I was left to my imagination all by myself with a wiffle ball and bat in my backyard. Eventually, more families moved in as Xenia rebuilt, and I was raised in a neighborhood where my backyard was the center of all activities, and we spent our collective childhood playing wiffle ball and “Ghost” in the warmer months and football and snowball fights in the colder months.

Ever the imaginative kids, we staged the annual Wiffle Ball World Series every October and coordinated our bicycle version of the Indy 500 in May (complete with the youngest kids serving as our pit crews, which was nothing more than giving us water). Unfortunately, the bike version of the Indy 500 reached an abrupt halt for good when one kid plowed into a neighbor lady with his bike, which led to an angry parent and the conclusion of the race!

Some of you know Xenia as the city that was hit by one of the worst tornadoes in U.S history on April 3, 1974. I was 5 when it happened, and the only part of our house left standing was the hallway where we sought shelter, and a few other walls. I won my first feature writing award 20 years later recounting this devastating tornado through the eyes of a 5-year-old.

I welcome the chance to work with you if you have a need for a writer, editor and/or publicist. Contact me if you have a story idea for and/or would like to become part of the sponsorship team with Live, Laugh, Learn TV.